Schema Therapy: what are the core needs?

Schema therapy is an integrative psychotherapy combining the vision and techniques from other therapies, like cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic theory, attachment theory and Gestalt therapy, creating a unique model to address longstanding, hard to treat patterns of thinking and acting. It is based on the idea that humans have universal needs in childhood and whenContinue reading “Schema Therapy: what are the core needs?”

Fire together wire together

Some months ago I started a course in Medical Neuroscience. highly interested. I want to be able to understand what does it happen in the most recondite corners inside the body of my patients. Understand how it is possible that in 15 minutes of body work the minds can quiet and the faces show aContinue reading “Fire together wire together”

Jaazistic group leadership

“A jazz pianist, a member of one of my groups, once commented on the role of the leader by reflecting that very early in his musical career, he deeply admired the great instrumental virtuosos. It was only much later that he grew to understand that the truly great jazz musicians were those who knew howContinue reading “Jaazistic group leadership”

The opposite of love is power… not hatred

“There are two kinds of suffering.  Suffering imposed on us by the outside and suffering created by ourselves.  All we can do with suffering imposed by the outside is share it in the human family and show compassion, love and empathy for those who’ve been hurt.  Suffering created by ourselves is referred to as neuroticContinue reading “The opposite of love is power… not hatred”

La depresión y el cuerpo

Hay una realidad innegable en la vida de toda persona y es su existencia física y corporal. No existe perturbación mental que a la vez no lo sea física. La creencia de que “todo está en la cabeza” es la gran ilusión de nuestro tiempo, ignorando la realidad de que la vida en todas susContinue reading “La depresión y el cuerpo”