Women that leave the arms of their men

It is long time since I do not wirte in my own language, Spanish and long since I have not read in my language. And today by chance, by pure virtual and modern chance, I have encountered a very old friend, Bihotz, Salva. I found his articles online and I could read in my ownContinue reading “Women that leave the arms of their men”

A session of Dance therapy in colours: Painting my patients as a way of keeping notes.

Yes I do Dance Therapy. Another way of approaching our inside. Through movement. And I sometimes use some other medium to write my reports after the session. Colours. Words are slowlier. Lines and colours express faster. To me. And I just found this two pictures I did in the beginning of my internship and IContinue reading “A session of Dance therapy in colours: Painting my patients as a way of keeping notes.”


Creative -Therapeutic process of creating “Aire”  I just decided I am going to share some of my findings and papers I do for my class of Dance Movement Therapy. It may be intimate, yes, but if something needs our field is people writing. Writing our experiences. Sharing. So here it is. My journey through creativityContinue reading ““Aire””

Danza de los impotentes de la creación

DADA; abolición de la lógica, danza de los impotentes de la creación: DADA; de toda jerarquía y ecuación social instalada para los valores por nuestros lacayos: DADA; cada objeto, todos los objetos, los sentimientos y las oscuridades, las apariciones y el choque preciso de las líneas paralelas, son medios para el combate: DADA; abolición de la memoria:Continue reading “Danza de los impotentes de la creación”