F L U I D . H I P S

emotional and physical hip release work

After years leading movement and dance workshops and working as a dance movement therapist in the mental health field, I want to introduce the FLUID HIPS sessions. An emotional and physical hip release work.

The pelvic area is an essential part of the body, often neglected, especially nowadays that we spend long hours sitting, it can become very tense causing discomfort in the lower back, emotional containment, stiffness, lack of vitality, sexual hardening…

We might have shame or negative memories related this zone that prevent us from completely open up or express ourselves.

Did you know?

“Most people don’t automatically associate hips with emotions. But many yoga teachers describe hips as storing negative emotions—and hip-opening classes can lead to an unexpected release of emotions.

While there is little scientific data that can shed light on the relationship between negative emotions and hips, one study has shown an interesting connection between the jaw and the hips. After tension of the temporomandibular joint was released, the range of motion of the hip significantly increased. ” (Source: Psychology Today)

FLUID HIPS workshops help you explore emotional and physical blockages that you might have related to the hip area and help you start releasing them.

The pillars of the sessions are the following:

Dance movement therapy


Creative & Visualization techniques

Active Meditation

Choreography & Composition

Participate & Help

When you participate in this workshop
you are helping
women and children with less resources!

Half of the benefits of the workshops go directly to LIBRAZ, to support the social projects that this small-scale non profit develops. Read more about the projects here!

What will you get from the workshop?

It can be different to each participant:

a way to connect more with your corporality,

an entrance to explore your sexuality and sensuality,

an creative way to improve the flexibility of hips and spine,

a direct contact with our emotions and feelings,

or a small present for self-care.

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Photos by Rodolfo Sanches Carvalho, Jordan Heath, So We Flow and LIBRAZ.